Getting a Brand-New Roof Is Simpler Than You Think

Have A Damaged Or Old Roof?

Frequent repairs can’t fix a failing roof. When it’s time to get a residential or commercial roof replacement, turn to Texas Stag for expert service.


We’ve made it easy to schedule commercial and residential roof replacement services. All you have to do is…


Make an appointment with one of our experts – You can count on us for an honest assessment of your roof’s condition.

Insurance claim? -- We'll handle all negotiations with the insurance and will make sure you get a fair settlement.

Financing? -- Whether you're financing the entire project or just your deductible, we have different options for you.

Choose your material – We install asphalt shingles, R-panel and standing seam metal roof. 

Installation – We work efficiently and professionally, we remove every layer of the old roof and replace with premium materials, no shortcuts.


We’ll see to every detail. Contact us now to arrange for residential or commercial roof replacement services.


A new roof is a good investment

Did you know that about 65% of the cost of your new roof is added to the value of your home?

Although the upfront costs of a commercial or residential roof replacement can be steep, your budget shouldn’t prevent you from getting a brand-new roof. We offer financing and assistance with insurance claims.


Contact us now for details.


Not All Roofing Companies Are The Same

Some roofing companies like to take shortcuts, such as:

  • Not removing all the layers of the old roof.

  • Reusing old materials.

  • Using "paper felt" instead of synthetic. 

  • Not using enough nails.

All these things matter, and if not done correctly, you'll continue to have issues in the near future.

The "Cheap" option, will end up being the most expensive.

Do It Right The First Time

Here at Texas Stag we take pride in the quality of our work, no shortcuts and a 10 year workmanship warranty to back it up. We only use premium materials and install them the way the manufacturer requires it. Don't take any chances, hire the professionals. 


Filing an insurance claim?

Here's what to expect.

We'll inspect the roof to find all the damage, help you open the claim, and negotiate with the insurance to make sure they cover everything they're supposed to. We'll show the insurance company pictures of the damage to validate your claim and make sure you receive the highest settlement possible.

Don't be deceived by roofing companies that give you a "low bid", that only means they're only making partial repairs. Make sure you hire a professional like Texas Stag that will represent you properly and get you the settlement you deserve, to repair all the damages.

  1. Perform inspection

  2. Open claim

  3. Insurance company sends an adjustor

  4. We compare their findings and estimate with ours

  5. We negotiate the highest settlement

  6. You get a new roof!